Direct Lobbying

Lobbying is an important aspect of the democratic process. If done correctly and appropriately, it ensures that the interests of a person, business or organization are thoroughly conveyed to policy-makers. Lobbying is critical to the functioning of government and the overall economy.


Commonwealth Alliances is different than most government affairs firms. Our team is bipartisan, experienced and collaborative. Team members work collaboratively to help our clients achieve their policy and political objectives. This helps ensure that each client gets a broad prospective on strategy and benefits from the firm’s collective knowledge of state and local governments.


A successful government affairs effort always will be based on a strategy that fosters and grows relationships with pubic officials based on trust and integrity. Commonwealth Alliances has long-standing relationships with members of the Kentucky General Assembly, the executive branch, both political parties and local governments throughout the Commonwealth.  We also work closely with our clients to help them develop their own meaningful relationships with policy-makers.


Lobbying can provide great value to both the policy-maker and the client. These relationships can help ensure everyone is represented when important decisions are being made. The Commonwealth Alliances team looks forward to helping you reach your policy goals.

Often a company or organization should consider the development of a long-term government affairs strategy to ensure the development of a positive and productive relationship with Kentucky state government, policy-makers and elected officials.


Commonwealth Alliances assists in helping clients to identify business opportunities, develop advocacy goals, craft effective messaging and implement a winning strategy. We work to ensure that the appropriate government officials understand the positive policy implications of a client’s goals and efforts.

Strategic Planning

Kentucky has a biennial budget that is proposed by the Governor and revised by the General Assembly.  Commonwealth Alliances’ bi-partisan team provides strategic guidance to clients to ensure that their budget goals are met, whether it is securing funding for the client from a state agency or ensuring that a state agency adequately funds a program important to the client.

Budget Advocacy
Research and Analysis

Commonwealth Alliances provides monitoring of all legislative and administrative actions, including committee hearings, floor actions, regulatory proposals and budget items that may impact a client's ability to conduct business in Kentucky, including research and analysis of identified issues.


Our team also is skilled at researching the issues important to our clients to determine if there is significant historical information that the client should be aware of as well as investigating the policies approved or opposed in other states or at the federal level. This comprehensive information can be vital to a sophisticated government affairs strategy.

Public Relations/Polling

Our team works closely to meet a client’s public relations goals. Public relations messaging can take on important roles when working to achieve policy objectives. The development of strong and accurate messaging is important when discussing issues with policy-makers and elected officials. Our firm has collaborated with clients on both simple and complex communications on a broad range of issues including education, transportation, technology and budgeting.


We also work closely with state and national public relations firms, if requested by a client, to develop messaging that may extend beyond Kentucky or require a broader media strategy.


Commonwealth Alliances works with Fortune 100 companies, Kentucky-based start-up businesses and non-profits to pursue partnership opportunities with the Commonwealth of Kentucky.


In Kentucky, as in many other states, procurement laws are lengthy, complex and subject to a significant amount of scrutiny. Being able to navigate these laws and regulations are important to pursuing any opportunity with state government. Our team has worked with businesses and vendors for many years to help them understand and navigate this process.


We work to help ensure that the client’s goals and expertise are consistent with Kentucky's policy goals and needs. Commonwealth Alliances works closely with our clients to provide planning and advice, as well as monitoring throughout the procurement process.