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About us

Commonwealth Alliances has a top ranked team of Kentucky government affairs consultants with over 70 years of experience working with and around state and local government and politics. We work with each client to develop a tailored strategy that fits their advocacy needs and ensures their policy goals are achieved.

Quality Over Quantity

Commonwealth Alliances is committed to ensuring the best possible outcomes for our clients.  We work with the client to develop strong and comprehensive government strategies that give the client the best possible chance at being successful.  Commonwealth Alliances’ clients are assured the best possible service, accessibility and quality of work. This means our priority is always the client and their government affairs goals.

We believe our efforts should be focused on carrying out our client’s government relations strategy.  We actively engage in political and community activities in order to ensure our clients have the best possible access to those involved in the political process. We are careful, however, to make sure that we do not promote our political ambitions ahead of the client’s needs.

Commonwealth Alliances believes each client deserves the best effort and outcomes possible and this means the work we do begins and ends with the client and their priorities.

Integrity and Trust

Our partners and associates believe one of the most important components to the relationship between us and our clients is integrity.  We value honesty in our relationships with clients, with government officials and elected officials. 

The reputation of our firm and our clients is extraordinarily important. That is why we take our clients government affairs strategies very seriously and do not shy away from difficult strategies that ensure our client not only gets a terrific outcome but also allows those that may have opposed their priority, to respect their strategy.

In addition to making sure we conduct our business with the utmost integrity, Commonwealth Alliances is also committed to ethical lobbying.  We comply with all of the Commonwealth’s ethics rules and laws and work to make sure our clients are aware of any ethics rules that apply to them.


The partners and associates at Commonwealth Alliances work as a team with all of our clients. Each member of our team has a different background and set of strengths.  We believe our clients should benefit from our diversity and the relationships we have developed throughout our careers.  Any Commonwealth Alliances client has complete access to all members of the firm.  In addition, our entire firm will be actively involved in planning and executing the client’s government relations strategy.

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